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Bite Ninja

Company name Bite Ninja

Project:  Voice chatbot Project MVP

Duration: September 21- December 20

Project Vision

Since the pandemic, customers want to have several options when purchasing restaurant meals. Order at the front counter, drive-through, online ordering, self-service kiosks, and delivery services. And even voice chatbots.


Research shows that some customers prefer to order their meals solely through voice communication with a voice chatbot, rather than using online ordering with a mobile app.

The Bot's Personality: Basing the personality on a cat made things fun and easier to craft the replies.

  • Use of cat-related language

  • Using cat illustration for interactive responses

  • Maintain a third-person voice

  • Playful cat-like tone

  • Ability to joke about the restaurant and BBQ

Screenshot 2024-01-01 at 7.45.23 PM.png


  • One of the most difficult parts of Conversational Design is mapping out the flows

  • I'm a big fan of Miro, which I use with the team for most of our maps. For larger, more complex chatbots, mapping out the conversational flows/intents is important in order to visualize possible user paths

  • It also helps to highlight any dead ends or possibilities to help your users

Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 8.08.54 AM.png

Our Challenge

Research shows that people like to have their names and favorite things remembered. Also, as bots, they do not like to talk to bots pretending to be human. It makes people uncomfortable. So these are the key challenges:

Challenge 1: Personalization with LLM

To be friendly, the bot calls the customer by name at least three times per shopping trip. This way, it makes the customer feel closer to them. Also, make it easy to place side orders based on previous shopping history or customer favorites. This will make the buying experience as time-saving as possible.


In addition, by utilizing LLM, the user's past information can be stored and the bot can recommend meals based on the customer's information.

Beige Autumn Recipes Video Instagram Post (1).png

Challenge 2: Bot's Persona

We created the bot's persona as a "cat ninja," a persona that is so friendly that the customer can use it to help them shop for a specific product or service. This way, customers can accept the bot's less-than-perfect words and actions, and because they are unique, they are easy for customers to remember.

Beige Autumn Recipes Video Instagram Post.png

Challenge 3: Secret playful conversations 

To encourage customers to become fans of the restaurant, we also prepared playful conversations, such as tidbits about the restaurant and secrets of the BBQ. This is where we need to regularly update the site and make sure that customers do not get bored.


  • Baby Jack's voice chatbot is one of our solutions to help people experience. Depending on the customer’s situation (regular customer or new customer, solo customer, or group of people, in a hurry, or not) So having multiple shopping experiences is good for flexibility

  • Providing restaurant tidbits is a good way to build a fan base for a restaurant. It provides an enjoyable experience, not just a purchase.

Lessons learned from this chatbot project:

From research and usability testing, we learned that real human thoughts and behaviors are not consistent.


Sometimes we want to buy a meal as quickly as possible without interacting with others; other times we want to make small talk, buy a meal, and learn the story of the restaurant and the food.

So even with all the high-tech advances, people still want to be flexible and even enjoy buying a meal. Usability testing shows that people want to find playfulness and fun and become fans of the brand. So, even by creating a chatbot, you can create new fans of a brand by having the bot tell the brand's story and include playful elements other than the purpose of purchase.

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