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Conversational design project: 

Mastercard chatbot for the career page

Project: Chatbot for a career page

My role: UX research, flowchart, conversational design

Product View

  • Chatbots are for people interested in our hiring process and company culture.

  • We want the chatbot to ask the same questions as on our website (typical basic questions)

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  • By providing multiple means to learn about our hiring process, basic questions, and company culture, we can attract potential and talented candidates

  • Because promoting our company culture may make them strongly decide to apply to our company

Our challenge

  • The U.S. has many competitors and fintech startups, making it difficult to recruit the best and brightest

  • According to a survey, 24% of people have worked for the same company before

  • Therefore, we need to appeal to people who have previously worked for our company

Challenge 1:

  • Create a flowchart - gather frequently asked questions into a page and create a hierarchy: (1). basic questions (2). application process and how to apply  (3). The company culture. so, many branches can be created from the basic questions

  • The main goal is to showcase the company culture, so the company culture is the main purpose of the flowchart

Challenge 2: 

  • To engage users, you need to display the quick reply button "question related to you" next to the answer

  • A quick reply button makes it easy for users to find the next question

  • Emojis make it easy to get user feedback

Having quick reply buttons

"question related to you"

Emojis make it easy to get user feedback

The key takeaways from this project:

  • This chatbot project is about showcasing the company culture to attract the best talent and to help people who want to apply for positions at Mastercard. I also felt that the chatbot had a great ability to help people within the company.

  • Because as a large organization, getting the right information is not always easy. Internal training, benefits, community roles, etc...

  • So our next goal is to use LLM to create chatbots to help people who want to talk to us or ask complex questions. using AI technology as a tool, we can help people who want to work efficiently and effectively.

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